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Bookkeeping - Innovative Tools

Our accounting process is entirely digital, using accessible and easy-to-use technologies.

We use Autoentry and Sage50 Cloud, high-performance cloud-based software, to do the entire accounting. You can access your financial information at the same time as we do, all on a secure online platform. Eliminate paper from your organization.

– You send a picture of your bills as you go along.

– We compile transactions regularly.

– We all have access to the information at all times.

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The primary mission of Gestion Daoud is to offer you an optimal and real-time follow-up of your accounting. It is important that it is done properly. Your bookkeeping is maintained on an online accounting software.

The first advantage of this online accounting software is to give you full access to your online accounts. As a result, you know in real time that your accounting is always up to date. An immense advantage when we know that bookkeeping is often entered only once a year.

You benefit from your 24/7 online bookkeeping, you can view your dashboards, balances, ledgers, journals at any time and in real time thanks to the online bookkeeping software.

By delegating your administration, you focus on your development.

All technological means are implemented for the monitoring of your company. Our team is informed in real time about developments related to your business.

Tenue de livres - Services comptables Gestion Daoud

Our services

– Partial or complete bookkeeping as required
– Personalized advice
– Closing of the fiscal year
– Monthly, quarterly and annual bookkeeping
– Weekly bookkeeping for accounts payable, accounts and payroll
– Monthly closure, banking reconciliation and profitability analysis
– Establishing the company’s financial budgets


Tenue de livres - Services comptables Gestion Daoud
Tenue de livres - Services comptables Gestion Daoud

Our asset

The concept of online bookkeeping can only work if you can reach your Accountant as soon as you want. We are making it a priority.

Gestion Daoud follows you, supports you and advises you so that you are no longer alone in front of your accounting.

We have the experience to help you make the right decisions in your business and are available 5 days a week by phone, email and chat.

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