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Regardless of the size of your project, Gestion Daoud can provide you with multiple services:

Consulting services
Accompany You

– Support companies at different stages of their development – start-up, growth, consolidation and diversification – and support for entrepreneurial succession.

– Conduct brief diagnostics of the various functions of the company, with a view to identifying possible ways to improve competitiveness.

– Orientation of companies on different strategies related to the business functions, including market prospects and productivity improvement strategies.

Services-conseils comptables pour entreprise - Gestion Daoud
Gestion Daoud - Services comptables au Québec

Inform you

– Communication of information and diffusion of documentation related to the company’s activities

– Regulations and permits

– Strategic information, etc.

Guide you

Referral of companies to specialized specialists, consultants and financing companies.

Guides you towards
financial assistance

Presentation of financial assistance programmes and support for the submission of applications or the monitoring of the implementation of projects.

Gestion Daoud - Services comptables au Québec

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