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Business taxation

Business taxation

Government Remittance Reporting
We ensure the production of GST QST reports as well as federal and provincial source deductions on time, no more production delays and excessive interest.

Filing T4, T4A, T5 and other tax slips
You have hourly employees, you have sub contractors, you want to declare dividends, Gestion Daoud meets the requirements of the tax administration to issue tax slips within the prescribed deadlines.

You have a rental property; our team is in charge of producing the RL-31 slip for you

Filing Corporate Tax Returns

Fiscalite des entreprises - Gestion Daoud
Fiscalité des entreprises​ - Gestion Daoud

Optimization and
Corporate Reorganization

In a competitive business environment, a corporate structure that minimizes taxes is important. We will help you develop a plan to increase your tax efficiency. We will review your retirement plan to ensure you get the most out of your business, while reducing your risk.

Whether to simplify or change a corporate structure, deduct interest arising from a loan used to acquire a business, use losses within a group of companies belonging to the same corporate group, there are many reasons to consider restructuring your corporate structure.

Obtaining tax credits

You do business in areas such as online commerce, culture, design, technological innovation, multimedia, scientific research and experimental development, catering and retail business and you want to know if your business projects can give you tax credits: Gestion Daoud simplifies it for you and completes the applications on your behalf.

Fiscalité des entreprises​ - Gestion Daoud

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